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Download Audition SEA Installer Manual Patch


Official Website Audition SEA

Download Installer & Manual Patch

Cara untuk Manual Patch Audition SEA
How do I patch manually?
  • Go to START > Run/Search Bar > Type in "regedit"
  • In the Registry Editor program, expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > AUDITION > ASIA_SING
  • Double click on VERSION
  • Under BASE, select Decimal
  • Change the number from 6102 to 6101
  • Close the program
  • Run the AuditionSEA patcher and let the game autopatch to the latest again
  • If autopatch doesn't work, repeat step 1- 6, redownload the Manual Patch from AuditionSEA website and Manual patch your game file again
  • Run AuditionSEA and try logging in
Untuk Tutorial install baca di http://audition.playpark.net/guide/installation

Atau setelah manual patch open AuditionPatcher.bat

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