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Fix Wrong Version Audition Philippine

Wrong Version is a known issue in Audition Philippines after running a new game patch. This prevents players from logging in to the server channels. In this post, I will list two possible fixes that might help players to resolve it. These two solutions are not guaranteed to work most of the time. You can try those and see if it will resolve the issue.

Check that the Game Version data is correct.
After you install a new game patch either manually or directly, make sure that the game version.cfg file is updated. Here’s how:

1. Go to Audition Dance Battle Folder in hard drive.

2. Locate VERSION.cfg

3. Open it using Notepad or WordPad.

4. Check the Game Version. If incorrect, change it then don’t forget to save it.

5. Try to login.

Rollback and repatch
In this method, you will attempt to re-run the patch automatically.

For Windows 7 Users

1. Click Windows Start

2. Type regedit in the Windows Search box. Hit enter.

3. Collapse the following:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\e-Games\t3audition

4. Click VERSION node twice.

5. Tick Decimal in Base options.

6. Change Value Data to the previous patch version. E.g. From 6079 to 6078

7. Click OK then close Registry Editor.

8. Go to Audition Dance Battle Folder in hard drive.

9. Run Patcher.exe and let it download and install the game patch manually.

10. Click Cancel once the installation is completed.

11. Log-in using AuditionLauncher.exe inside Audition Dance Battle Folder.

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