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How Patch Audition Korea Faster

Just posting how to patch Korean Audition faster. This method is pretty easy, and you can patch 54 patches(55 today) in about 30 minutes instead of 6 hours.

Step 1
Go to Start Menu>Run>type "regedit" without the quotes

a registry editor will pop up, it should look like this:

 Step 2
In the screen shot above, select "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" once its highlighted, double click it or press the plus sign.
Next, click VERSION , right click it and press 'Modify'

Next you will edit the value number: change it to 1ad4 hexadecimal, should be 6868 decimal

Next, go back to the registry edit within the Audition folder, right click an empty space, and select: New>DWORD Value Name the DWORD value "CEHCKVERSION" without the quotes

Next click modify, value data hexadecimal should be 1770, decimal 6000

When you have finished this ^ you are done, this method patches files instead of patches all together.

When you reset computer, this change will not stay the same. Each time you want to repatch, you will have to do the following steps above if you have restarted your computer.

Rep if this was useful..

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