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New Patch Audtion Sea 8 July 2014 6181


Dear Clubbers,

Please be informed that there will be a Game Client Patch on 8th July 2014, Tuesday from 0930~1500 Hrs (GMT+8).

The game client patch includes:
5 New Sanrio Items
100+ New Avatars
2 Hidden Pets Released
1 Hidden Set Released
1 Hidden Accessory Released
2 New Couple Rings
2 New Couple Licenses
2 New Couple Shop Avatars
2 New Couple Shop Accessories
4 New Couple Garden Seeds
3 New Couple Garden Accessories
10 New Songs & Lyrics

During the game client patch, the game service will be down. All players are advised to log out before the game client patch to prevent any loss of data.

We hope everyone enjoys the latest patch contents.

Download Manual Patch 6181 Audition SEA  Click Here

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