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Hot Key Sealover AudiModz Latino

Change Black Skin ==> ESC + F1
Change Normal Skin ==> ESC + F2
Change White Skin ==> ESC + F3
Chance Hack ON ==> ESC + F4
Hit CTRL Beat Rush x9999 (hit x20 first) ==> ESC + F5
Story Hack ==> ESC + F6
Clone NPC For Story ==> F6
Ability Buy Item Garden x1000 ==> F7
Reset Item Hack ==> F8
Unlock License ==> F10
Two Key Hack ==> ESC + F10
Peach Emoticon ==> F11
OFF All Hack ==> F12
Instant Perfect Hack ==> RIGHT CTRL
Auto Press Key ==> LEFT ALT
Auto ON
- Block Replay
- Premium Messenger ++
- Sending Kiss Hack

- Auto Buy Channel ==> F9

- Auto Farm EXP ON ==> Right Click Mouse
- Auto Farm EXP OFF ==> Left Click Mouse

How Use Farm EXP
- Extract Farm EXP AudiModz.zip
- Open / Run As Admin AudiModz.exe
- Click VVIP (wait until update)
- Start your Audition
- Create Room (when in Lobby, dont put password, note : make sure nobody at lobby when you create room)
- Click Option Room then OK
- Change mode b-boy 8
- Change the song
- Right Click ( turn ON auto farm EXP )
- Lef CLick ( if You want Turn OFF )

How To Use Auto Buy Channel
- Choose Channel which you want buy
- try buy manually to check remaining time
- if time already 00:00 or 18:12 press F9 then don`t press and click anything
- wait about 3-5 minutes
- if your pop in fam bank dropped, you got the channel

How Change Mode & Song License
F10 : Unlock License to Change music and mode for license (you can choose more easy)
After Changed
F12 : Lock The License
Then Start the License

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