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Audition Mobile Indonesia

audition mobile indonesia

CheatPatch.net - Audition is the game which i played when 2007, but there Au Audition Mobile Version For Android aplication. I am a gamer who has been playing online games since 2007. At that time until now many online games PC gaming realm adorn sprung Indonesia. One of the online games to be reckoned existence is Let's Dance Audition game brought to Indonesia by Megaxus. Audition Dance Let's Dance is the first online game in Indonesia, which was released at about the year 2007. In that year I was in junior high school and I observe that the Let's Dance Audition managed to suck a huge interest from gamers Indonesia.

Unique phenomenon that I got at the moment is not only a man of gamers who play the game, gamers were women there were not a few who play it. It is no wonder more and more male gamers with the status "singles ngenes" more interested in playing Audition Dance Come on, just for the sake acquainted with the women in the game that managed to destroy the space bar on the keyboard a lot of the cafe. There are even rumors circulating that there are a handful of women naughty menjajakkan themselves through the game Audition Let's Dance, the world is crazy.

nough of nostalgia, the past is past and the time for us to talk about today. Still dealing with Let's Dance Audition, games from my earlier mention now appears in the mobile version of the server Indonesia. Instead Megaxus, but goPlay was lucky to get a license and permitted localize the existing content. In this mobile version, goPlay not use the title of Let's Dance Audition because the title has become Megaxus owned property, so they chose the title is Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia.

Without thinking, I immediately downloaded and played Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia. I was surprised when he saw that the online player can be considered quite a lot. It is very evident through the channel average server has the status of 'busy' and the amount of room that is already in-create very much. So many, I guarantee you do not have to worry about not getting friends to play in this game. A room can be filled up to eight people with the details of the four people who do the dance and the remaining four just be a spectator.

In Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia, there are three modes of play that is classic, dance up and bubble. In classic mode you simply press the left or right according to the given timing.
Examples of classic mode
In dance up mode, you must perform a tap or swipe to the pattern provided on the left side of the screen and then tap the button to the right of the screen when the bar has reached the line.

Examples dance mode up
The latter is a bubble mode, this is the mode that is most difficult in my opinion. In this bubble mode, you will be given a bubble that appear randomly across the screen. Your job is to tap precisely as possible while after the bubble appears on the screen.
Examples of bubble mode
The third mode I told above was equally exciting for me personally and very suitable for mobile platforms. I can imagine how uncomfortable our fingers if we are forced to play the exact same fashion as in Let's Dance Audition PC. Yet somehow the most unsold mode is classic mode. Perhaps because the gameplay is carried've often found in other games, such as LINE STAGE.

Most of the players here have a great skill to play, perhaps also because it was used by the rhythm of the game at Let's Dance Audition previous PC so that it only took a little adjustment in this mobile version. For the first time you play, do not be discouraged because the gameplay is in Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia is very easy to understand and learn, so you definitely too fast to be cunning like a different player. In addition, as long as I play Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia, I did not ever feel any lag because this game servers exist in Indonesia, so you can learn this game with very comfortable.

The amount of music in Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia also deserves the spotlight in my eyes. The amount of music that there is fairly little is only 22 pieces only. But I think that bringing music to the large amounts of direct this game would be very inconvenient for gamers. If at the beginning of this release Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia directly provide the 100 music download capacity of this game will be very swollen and even gamers would be averse to download it. Moreover, the download speed in Indonesia on average relatively slow and very few people in Indonesia who has a large memory capacity smartphone.

Review Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia - Screenshot 6

Still talking about music, music from the 22 available, 21 of which are foreign music consists of songs English, Korean, and Mandarin. Fortunately, the songs provided very exciting. Even though I am not a lover of Korean songs, I still can enjoying the fast tempo songs are presented and it makes my feeling when playing became increasingly excited.

Nostalgic scent more viscous when you see the interface in Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia. Display the front hall there is very similar to the existing hall in Audition Let's Dance. Good of shape and layout of the building there. In addition, there is also a character design very similar to the design of Let's Dance Audition character, so even with the kinds of fashion items sold in this game.

Beam effect given when you do the dance was made the atmosphere more festive and can make you more comfortable to longer dancing in the virtual world while chatting fun with other players. You could say that the graphics of this game are served quite satisfactory for the mobile category.

Review Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia - Screenshot 7
Familiar with this hall?
Which draw back is the player in this game is very generous in buying fashion items IAP. Very very similar to the player royalnya Come Dance Audition in buying fashion items. Almost all the room I entered was always filled by the player who dressed in luxurious and expensive, show how glamorous Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia.

Fashion items in this game is almost all of them interesting and can make your character more charming and enchanting. However, almost all of them can only be purchased using the IAP. Fortunately IAP price here is quite affordable. You can hire a fashion item for only a week, 30 days, or buy it permanently.

I would suggest you buy a permanent fashion items because the price is not so far away and you can enjoy it forever. With a total cost of Rp. 60,000 you can enjoy a set of medium quality fashion items to the top of the head to the feet permanently. Quite affordable than fashion items in the PC version of the price of the disk set can reach Rp. 200,000 more.

Longs to the classic version of this game on the PC, check the Let's Dance Audition nostalgic article we provide

It could be concluded, Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia could longing PC online game lovers who have already switched to the mobile platform as well as bringing fresh air in terms of gameplay for mobile gamers in general. Game mode which is quite fitting, exciting music, and normal valuable IAP make Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia could have a number of players who berjibun. If you are looking for a dance game that can be enjoyed by all ages and gender, Au Mobile - Audition Indonesia is the right choice for you.

Official Site Au Mobile Indonesia : http://auindo.com/home.html

Download For Adroid And Iphone : http://auindo.com/news-detail/download/84.html

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