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Hack Audition SEA 6203 September 2015

audition sea asiasoft
New update about auditionsea asiasoft online cheat and song on 8th september 2015, there are some song in this patch 6203, there 10 new song and lyrics. You can download the file or manual patch using link below by IDM internet download manager so you can use maximum speed. Cheat Patch Games will realose sealover audimodz sea with perfect hack, auto key, chance hack, and bypass 2nd pin, you can download USA universal sealover audimodz.
Download Manual Patch Audition SEA 6203 September 2015
 Manua patch auditionsea 6203
Download Hack AuditionSEA 6203 September 2015
 universal sealover audimodz
Please be informed that there will be a Game Client Patch on 8th September 2015, Tuesday from 1000~1600 Hrs (GMT+8). 

The game client patch includes:
Diego Special Gift Box
1 for 1 Event
100+ New Avatars
1 New Face
3 New Accessories
1 New Couple License and Ring
1 New Couple Shop Avatar
10 New Songs & Lyrics

*Due to the renewal Diego Special Gift Box, all players are reminded to clear your Diego Gift Box before tomorrow's game client patch. All balance diego gift box will be removed after tomorrow's patch. 

During the game client patch, the game service will be down. All players are advised to log out before the game client patch to prevent any loss of data. 

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